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Tutoring Program

Why should I choose TutorBright?

Put simply, because we care. In fact CARE is our company value and we live and work by this. We promise to provide the best tutor for your child and we will go above and beyond to ensure we do this for every student we work with.

Where do you offer tutoring?

We provide tutoring across Melbourne, Geelong and Sydney.

How is my child matched with a tutor-mentor?

We take into consideration the results from the assessment and match them with the academic, teaching style, personality and interests of our tutor-mentors.

What year levels do you provide tutoring for?

We offer tutoring for all school levels including primary, secondary and VCE subjects. We also provide tutoring for adult learners.

Where is the tutoring conducted?

The tutoring is delivered in the home, usually at the kitchen table. Sometimes we provide tutoring in local libraries if this is more convenient for our families.

Do you offer VCE tutoring?

Yes we do. Our VCE tutors are all experienced and knowledgeable in their respective field.

Who can I talk to find out more about your programs and tutors?

Just call our office on 1300 698 886 and talk to our Education team who are all equipped to talk you through your questions and offer professional guidance about how we can help.

How long will my child need tutoring for?

The tutoring program really depends on the learning goals of every child. During the assessment process, we talk through your learning goals and reasons for getting tutoring. From this discussion, we can work with you to establish exactly what your child needs to reach their learning goal. For example,if you’re looking to get tutoring at VCE level, we recommend a minimum of 90 minute sessions.

What is the assessment?

As part of our promise to provide the best tutor for your child, we conduct a free assessment which allows us to understand your child’s academic level, learning style and personality type. From the results of the assessment, we can build a tailored program and address skill gaps. Our programs are unique and tailored to your child.

Can I get a tutor to help with homework?

Absolutely. This is often the case for students in year 10 and at VCE level. We can also help with other levels with any type of homework and projects.

What if the tutor is not working out?

Because we invest so much time at the beginning of the process to ensure the tutor is the right match, it rarely happens. However if you do find that the tutor is not right for your child, we will replace the tutor asap, that’s part of our service to ensure we provide the best tutor for your child.

Do you have packages?

Yes we do. We offer a range of packages to suit your needs and goals including term, semester and school year packages. By getting a package, you can get a discount on our normal hourly rate.

How much will it cost?

That depends on your tutoring needs. We would encourage you to call the office to discuss how we can help and talk you through the best program and options for your child.

How can I pay for the tutoring?

We accept debit/card payments and use NAB to securely process payments. If you opt for one of our convenient packages, this is set up as equal instalments on either monthly or fortnightly payments using a card payment. Cash transactions are not permitted due to security and administration issues.

What is the cancellation policy?

We have a cancellation policy to ensure that all parties in the tutoring process are treated fairly. We require 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or re-schedule a session. Our tutor-mentors take the time to travel to your home and take pride in their lesson planning, so this is an important condition of our tutoring agreement. We also understand and appreciate there will be times of emergency and we will consider each situation on a case by base basis.


Why are they called tutor-mentors?

Because we focus on both aspects when we provide tutoring for your child. Our approach and process is holistic which means that not only do we ensure your child’s academic needs are met but they are also matched with a tutor-mentor they can relate to. The mentorship component of our tutoring program enables our tutor-mentors to connect with your child and encourage them to reach their full potential.

How is my child matched with a tutor-mentor?

We take into consideration the results from the assessment and match them with the academic, teaching style, personality and interests of our tutor-mentors.

Can you tell me more about your tutors-mentors?

We work tirelessly to recruit the best tutor-mentors. We have zero tolerance for tutor-mentors that do not share our company value to CARE for every student we work with. All of our tutor-mentors are put through our 5 stage recruitment process and possess a Working With Children check. Our HR Manager Steph personally screens, interviews and trains all of our tutor-mentors to ensure we provide the highest quality teaching professionals tutoring your child.

I have more questions?!

No problem, we can help with all of your questions. Simply call the office on 1300 698 886 and speak to our Education team who can assist.

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I finally got to meet our tutor mentor last week – I must admit I didn’t stick around the lesson as I knew it would cause a disturbance but I was really impressed with her patience in teaching Sarah.

Overall I’m really really really happy with the progress and even these progress emails you’re sending me is absolutely priceless in getting a better understanding of her learning. I often ask her how she feels and she absolutely looooves working with her tutor mentor, so thank you!

Jacinta, Bayswater

Felix is a really good fit for Maya – what a nice guy as well. He keeps her on track and reminds her to slow down. She was tested at the beginning of this term and did not rush so she is back in the top math group which has really helped her confidence. She and Felix talk about what is happening both in this group and in class Maths, which is great, as she can ask him questions to fill in any possible gaps and reinforce what she is currently learning.

Maria, Toorak

We’ve seen fantastic results with all three of our kids. Most recently two of them sat a written test for their horse riding lessons and this time they were completely confident to do it, normally they would be very anxious. We also received a terrific report for our third child. They really relate and respond to their tutor mentor and look forward to him coming every week. Big thanks.

Pauline, Eden Park

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